Full EP Discography - 3 Mini CD EPs w/ Photo Prints (Signed, Ltd. Ed. 250)

Image of Full EP Discography - 3 Mini CD EPs w/ Photo Prints (Signed, Ltd. Ed. 250)

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Package Includes all 3 Mini CD EPs. Details below.

Each ep comes on 3 inch mini cdr with an accompanying 4 Inch Print of the photo on the left. Also comes with signed and numbered (to 250) tracklist.

Package also includes a free download code to download the albums in your choice of MP3, Apple Lossless or FLAC!

Warning: Do not try to use this in a car stereo or laptop. This cd must be played in cd players with a center core that the disc pops into, or in the smaller indentation of most desktop computer cd roms. A good solution is ripping to digital when you receive the cd.

Tracklists Below:

Zero Bedroom Apartment | Ambient Works v1

1. Cloud Dance
2. Ethereal Plane
3. Amorphis
4. The End of Time
5. Morning Jewel
6. Sub Hydro
7. Siberia
8. Ghostpark
9. Ethica

Zero Bedroom Apartment | filmmuzik 1

1. Blurry Morning Glance
2. Epic Loop
3. 1973
4. The Start
5. Breznev
6. Miracle Rays
7. Reverso
8. Float
9. Fire and Ice
10. New Gods

Zero Bedroom Apartment | filmmuzik 2

1. Twilight Drive
2. Low Countries
3. Murder
4. Life In The Mine
5. Chillin
6. 1986
7. Cosmos
8. Home
9. In Clouds
10. Optics
11. The Next Life
12. Sound Design One
13. Long Sky