Filmmuzik 3 Mini-CDR + Photo Print

Image of Filmmuzik 3 Mini-CDR + Photo Print


Filmmuzik 3 Mini-CDR + Photo Print

Each ep comes on 3 inch mini cdr with an accompanying 4 Inch Print of the photo on the left. Also comes with signed and numbered (to 250) tracklist.

Package also includes a free download code to download the album in your choice of MP3, Apple Lossless or FLAC!

Warning: Do not try to use this in a car stereo or laptop. This cd must be played in cd players with a center core that the disc pops into, or in the smaller indentation of most desktop computer cd roms. A good solution is ripping to digital when you receive the cd.

Tracklists Below:

1) Parallels
2) Dark Road
3) For Montreal
4) The Fountain
5) The Outer Planets
6) Reykjavic
7) On Land
8) Devils and Angels
9) Sailing Off
10) Vienna
11) Emotionome